Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Augusto Inácio goes to start to count on the Brazilian medium Jocivalter (Ex-Aves) in the Foolad Manuel Luis August Mendes Inácio, known soccer trainer, gave a new route to the career. After militating in national clubs (he was champion in the Sporting) he decided to leave in search of new horizontals. First, he was in Greece, and, now, he demanded to lands so far of Iran, surprising everything and all. He has one week to live in a country that he provokes, with frequency, destalk international, for reasons politician-military, Augustus Inácio, against certain done ideas that pullet in occidental sectors, is "magic with the Iranian people". The Portuguese technician was, same; astonished with the reception of that he was white. "I feel myself well here, in Iran, a country and a people who, contrarily to that if he divulges, in certain ways, is neither disagreeable nor distrustful stops with the Europeans", affirmed to the JN. Augustus Inácio insists exactly "Has the best one of the impressions of this people. The people like to talk and are likeable and kinds, very different of the idea that we had. In the Friday, I was to attend a game of mine equips e, when crossing the grass one, about five a thousand spectators had cried out, in unison us, Inácio, Inácio, Inácio. I was very sensitized ". The technician is the first Portuguese to train one equips of 1.ª Division of Iran. Before it, only Acácio Casimiro, but that it guides a formation of as the step. Inácio trains the Foolad, equips of Ahvaz (Khuzestan), city with much industry, of iron and oil, close to beaches, the two hours of Teheran and the stocking it Dubai. To communicate with the players, it has two translators one of the English for the Arab and another one of the Spaniard for the local language. It led I obtain an aid, Jacinth João, and a physical preparatory, Guillermo Would make. Porting, the objectives are modest to only assure the permanence in 1.ª Division. Stream, after tomorrow - the Friday is equivalent to the Sunday, in the Europe -, with the leader of the championship. It has followed the Portuguese soccer for the Internet and goes to strengthen equips it with the Brazilian medium Jocivalter (Birds). With this, they will be the three foreigners; therefore already it counts on a Uruguayan and a Brazilian. They accept five, but they only can play three. All the breeding is professional. Augustus Inácio is to know a very different country of ours. A world where the water valley four times more of the one than the gasoline, 30 we centimes against seven for litter! The cost of living in Iran is cheap, consentaneous with the minimum wage that does not exceed the 120 euros for month. An abundant meal is for seven euros, but without alcohol, because it is forbidden. The Pepsi cola is the preferred drink, to follow to the tea. The technician says that "they are enough about 1200 euros" spending almost half in feeding during year. And, with the gasoline cheaply, goes to arrange a car - "the conductors like here to speed up" - to dislocate itself. Slowly, it is to adapt it the Iranian uses and customs. One of them orders that it does not use shim stocks, pants, only being that the women cannot enter in stadiums... "Slowly, this society is to confide and is sociable with the foreigners. The Portuguese soccer has much prestige here, the one that the World-wide one is not other people ", underlined. Worse of everything they are the telecommunications "to make a call for Portugal, I have to try 30 40 times and one fax delay two days to send".
I hope this portuguese trainer can be happy with your time and the persons of IRAN.

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