Thursday, July 14, 2011


Letters to Olga Makarova in London ... The times now are not going tough for the Portuguese in general. People accustomed to the sacrifices when they are asked by our rulers and politicians, they must be well justified, because our ancient history demands it! We discover new worlds beyond the sea, spread our traditions and customs, were heralds of Christianity at the behest of Rome, in Africa, Latin America and Asia, finally we are located in this global world, and now part of the European Union, as part of the spirit Get Connected!
But behold, the economic factors, make us tremble with the new requirements that require the strongest countries in the consolidation of European accounts! Greece, Ireland is also in the spotlight with plans to rescue and relief draconian and that lead us to question whether the supreme values ​​will always be the Liberal Economy?
And people, citizens, what happens in this context? Hard  times for Europe... We must think about that, no doubt!

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