Saturday, September 30, 2006


“A suicide bomber strapped with explosives detonated in front of the Afghan Interior Ministry as staffers arrived for work today, killing at least 12 people and wounding 42.”
At least 12 people have been killed and dozens injured in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, the Afghan capital.
The blast occurred outside the interior ministry on Saturday.
The attacker detonated his explosives among a crowd of ministry of interior staff waiting at the compound's gate, according to officials.
"As a result of a suicide bomb near the ministry of interior compound, 12 people are dead and 42 wounded," Zemarai Bashary, a spokesman from the ministry, said.”
What logical reasons support this?
That logical reasons support this type of acts and that they justify what!? That God will order a person, a human being, to moor to the waist an explosive load and to go to the search of sacrificiais victims, and how many better, and to say that it is an act just? Would not be more rational the suicidal bombast to become to detonate alone? Or it will be that many of the times this exactly candidate to martyrs is "obliged compulsory" to practise this martyrdom? And reasons the objective to cause the biggest possible number of victims with its insane person decision? It will have some rationality or justification? Or somebody believes that the suicidal bombasts make it in the aiming of the premium in the Paradise? And later becomes resentful by some careless words of certain personalities, as reason of fury and persecution ace its beliefs and practises these acts daily insane dragging an impressive number of innocent people for a tragic death, whose only error, is to be to the hour missed in the wrong place!

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